Take control on pay day with easy low cost software
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No matter how many staff you employ Ace Payroll costs $319 plus GST and includes

  • The Ace Payroll software registered to your business.
  • 6 months 0800 phone support and training.
  • Email support.
  • Our Getting Started Guide.
  • An unconditional 90 day right of return if not completely satisfied.

There are

  • No per employee charges.
  • No per pay, weekly or monthly charges.
  • No limit on how many staff can be paid.

At the end of your complimentary 6-month support period, you can choose from two support options:

Support Subscription

A support subscription guarantees the trouble-free operation of your payroll and helps you stay compliant with IR changes. You'll receive:

  • All major software upgrades and feature enhancements
  • Automatic updates available from within Ace Payroll
  • Secure online back-up service to store your data
  • Priority access to our experienced help desk - call 0800 ACE PAY (0800 223 729)

Subscribe from $255 per annum and choose to spread the cost monthly or six monthly

Casual Support

Casual support is provided on pre-paid basis

  • Upgrades are made available from $180 plus GST each
  • Call 0900 5 WAGES (0900 592 437) for phone support
  • Calls cost $2.25 plus GST a minute
  • Any other specialised support is charged at $90 plus GST

Additional Company Files

To process the payroll for more than one company from the same computer, you can purchase an additional license for $150 per data file.

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I have been trialling Ace Payroll and love it! How do I buy it?

The easiest way to purchase Ace Payroll is to call us on 0800 223 729 or 0800 ACEPAY

We can activate the software over the phone with a credit card payment.

Alternatively we can send out the software with an invoice which normally arrives the next morning.

Payment can be made through our online payments portal, internet banking, direct debit or cheque.


Is it possible to try before I buy?

Yes, you can Try Ace Payroll For Free for 60 days.

When you purchase, any data entered in the demo is upgraded to the full version.


My friends tell me Ace Payroll is great, but what if I don't like it?

Ace Payroll comes with a 90 day unconditional right of return.

If for any reason whatsoever you are not completely happy with your purchase of Ace Payroll your money is refunded without argument.


A lot of payroll systems seem to have weekly or monthly charges based on employee numbers. Why does Ace Payroll not have these charges?

Ace Payroll has no per employee charges, no per pay, weekly or monthly charges, and no limit on how many staff can be paid.

To be honest, most per employee pricing is based on the idea that a business with a lot of staff can afford to pay more.

Over the years Ace Payroll has found no link between the cost of supporting a client, and the number of staff employed.

In fact, quite often there is more cost supporting a new employer with just a small number of staff, than there is supporting a larger employer with an experienced payroll person.

At Ace Payroll our pricing is upfront and transparent and years of efficiency gains and experience allows us to keep our expenses down and pass most of the savings back to our clients.


Your website makes Ace Payroll seem really easy, but what if I need help? What options do I have?

For 6 months after purchase Ace Payroll provides free 0800 phone support and training. This gives you ample time to familiarise yourself with the system and have all your questions answered.

If you need onsite assistance, we have a network of trainers throughout the country who can assist. Call 0800 223 729 or 0800 ACEPAY to be put in touch with someone local.

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