Setting Up Internet Banking

Ace Payroll interfaces with all New Zealand banking systems.

To interface with the banking system you use, firstly select Make Payment from the front screen, then click the Setup button.


Enter the Employer's Bank Account number that will be drawn on to pay the direct credits.


Then from the above screen select the Electronic Banking System.

This selection decides the format in which the direct credit information is assembled for the bank. It must be correct.

When you select a banking system, many of the other fields change. It is important to realise these are not the only changes relating to your selection.

If you do not select the correct banking system, there is no way your direct credits can be correctly processed.


If necessary, scroll down to change the following settings.

Days Offset

If your banking system requires a clearance date, this field is used to prompt you with a default clearance date. If your pay period ends on a Sunday, and the direct credits are processed the following Thursday, set this to 4, being the number of days between the period end and payment date.

Then when Ace Payroll prompts you for a clearance date, the correct date is requested by default being the pay period end date plus the offset entered here.

A/C On Payslips

Each direct credit paid to your employee is itemised on their payslip. The default is to put the words 'Direct Credit' next to the amount on the payslip. The bank account number can be printed on the payslip using this option.

File Name

Some banks allow you to define the name of the direct credit data file.


Some banks allow you to define the extension of the direct credit data file.

File Path

Select the full path for your direct credit file.

If in doubt leave this field blank and it defaults to the most relevant path.

Batch Number

Enter here the Batch Number given to you by your bank.

Round Nett Pay

If you do not pay any wages in cash, you may want to turn the nett pay rounding feature off for all your employees. This means that instead of rounding nett pays to the denomination of a coin or note that you can pay in cash, they will be exact to the cent.

If you turn off rounding here it will apply to every employee and you will have problems if any employees are paid in cash.

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