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Ace Payroll News

Friday 28th November Payslip Options What are the different types of payslips available for the Ace Payroll system? Am I able to email payslips? more..
Thursday 27th November IRD Electronic Filing Moving onto IR-File or considering it? This document shows you how to create the file in Ace Payroll and how to navigate the IRD website to import the file. more..
Wednesday 26th November Time Banking Is there a place in Ace Payroll where I can record hours in lieu that have nothing to do with a public holiday? For example, if an employee works three hours on a Saturday and I wish to hold these in lieu? more..
Tuesday 25th November Opting Out Of KiwiSaver Some of the new staff I hire are wanting to opt out of KiwiSaver. How do I go about doing this in Ace Payroll? more..
Monday 24th November Running Ace Payroll From A Memory Stick I have heard I can run Ace Payroll entirely from a memory stick when I'm away. Is this true and how do I do it? more..
Friday 21st November Extra Emoluments Paying a bonus, commission, back pay, redundancy or retiring payment? This document shows you how to do this easily in Ace Payroll. more..
Thursday 20th November KiwiSaver Contribution Holidays This tutorial covers KiwiSaver contribution holidays including when they can be taken, what the process is and how this is handled in Ace Payroll. more..
Wednesday 19th November Paid Parental Leave The IR880 form is used when an employee is applying for Paid Parental Leave. The form can be downloaded here. more..
Tuesday 18th November Multiple Pay Rates There are times you need to pay an employee two different rates for the same period, such as when the minimum wage changes or someone does two jobs. This tutorial shows how to set up a new pay rate to handle this in Ace Payroll. more..
Monday 17th November IR-File Scheduled Outage As of 1.37pm Monday the 17th of November, IR-File should now be working reliably. more..
Monday 17th November IR-File Scheduled Outage As of 12.03pm Monday the 17th of November, IR-File is still unavailable after the scheduled outage this weekend. We will update when IR-File is back online and working. more..
Friday 14th November IR-File Scheduled Outage IRD have advised us that the myIR features - including IR-File - will be unavailable from 6.00am Saturday 15th November until 6.00pm Sunday 16th November. If you normally use IR-File over the weekend, we suggest before rather than after the scheduled outage. more..
Friday 14th November Casual Vs Part Time Employee Ace Payroll is sometimes asked what the difference is between a casual and a part time employee. more..
Thursday 13th November Download our trial version Looking for new payroll software? Download our latest demo for free and see how Ace Payroll can make wages the efficient, error free and easy task they should be. more..
Wednesday 12th November Pay Frequencies Is it possible to handle multiple frequencies in Ace Payroll, for example some people being paid weekly and others being paid fortnightly? more..
Tuesday 11th November Recording Hours Worked Is there a way I can record the hours my staff work each day, and report this on their payslip? more..
Monday 10th November Networking Ace Payroll I am going to ask my IT person to put Ace Payroll on the network so several of us can access it. How do they go about it? more..
Friday 7th November Free Internet Backup Want to automatically have your data backed up offsite every pay period? Our internet backup routine takes care of your data security, making sure an offsite backup is always available. more..
Thursday 6th November Creating PDF's For Reports This tutorial shows you how to set up your computer to be able to print any document to a PDF file, allowing it to be emailed if desired. more..
Wednesday 5th November Frequently Asked Questions Looking for help with Ace Payroll? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions where we answer well over one hundred questions about Ace Payroll with simple explanations and screenshots to demonstrate the answers. more..
Tuesday 4th November Changing From Casual I have a casual employee who has recently become a permanent employee. How do I change their holiday pay from 8% each pay? more..
Monday 3rd November Termination Pays Using the As Per Act holiday pay method, I have an employee who has been employed for more than a year, receives four weeks holidays a year, and is terminating their employment. How does Ace Payroll calculate their final holiday pay? more..
Friday 31st October KiwiSaver Contribution Holiday Employee wanting to take a Kiwisaver contributions holiday? This PDF version of the KS6 form they need to fill in opens in a new browser window. more..
Thursday 30th October Alphabetical Site Index The Ace Payroll Site Index is an alphabetical listing of items on our website - it makes searching for the items you wish to learn about quick and easy. more..