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Ace Payroll News

Monday 15th February IRD Business Tax Update Inland Revenue Department Business Tax Update Issue 70 February 2016. more..
Friday 12th February IR File Made Simple This tutorial shows you how to import your monthly returns into IRD. more..
Our March 2016 Upgrade is now shipping. View the PDF Newsletter online (1.95MB) or browse to Changes on 1st April 2016.
Ace Payroll Newsletter
Thursday 11th February Wages Protection Act The Wages Protection Act governs the way in which wages are paid, the making of deductions, and recovery of over payments. more..
Wednesday 10th February Termination Pays Using the As Per Act holiday pay method, I have an employee who has been employed for more than a year, receives four weeks holidays a year, and is terminating their employment. How does Ace Payroll calculate their final holiday pay? more..
Tuesday 9th February Recording Hours Worked Is there a way I can record the hours my staff work each day, and report this on their payslip? more..
Monday 8th February Waitangi Day 2016 Waitangi Day was on Saturday, but depending on your employee, it could be on Monday! Confused? This page explains the rules and how to pay for Waitangi Day in Ace Payroll. more..
Friday 5th February Employment Relations Authority The Bay of Plenty District Health Board has been ordered to pay a former assistant nurse more than $8000 after it misjudged the difference between a casual and permanent employee. more..
Thursday 4th February One Off Payments The One Off Payment routine is used for paying amounts that fall outside of the regular pay run. You can produce a payslip, create a direct credit and save the one off payment without waiting until your normal payroll day. more..
Wednesday 3rd February Delete Incorrect Payment I have accidentally filed a pay for an employee and it is showing on my reports. How do I delete it? more..
Tuesday 2nd February Resume Employee Wizard This tutorial shows you how the easily resume a previous employee and, if they are returning as a casual, easily include the holiday pay with their pay each period. more..
Monday 1st February WINZ Deductions WINZ have asked me to deduct an amount for my employee to repay WINZ each pay, and send it to them. How do I do this in Ace Payroll? more..
Friday 29th January Emailed Payslips Not using Emailed Payslips yet? Learn how to set up the routine, decide which staff are to receive payslips by email, and start saving time, money and paper today. more..
Thursday 28th January Running On A Apple Mac Moving Ace Payroll to an Apple Mac is not difficult. It is even easier if you follow these steps. more..
Wednesday 27th January Court Fine Deductions How to set up a deduction for repayments to the Ministry of Justice. more..
Tuesday 26th January Student Loans Student chiefs fear the airport arrest of a Kiwi over an unpaid loan will create "student loan refugees", and that many New Zealanders living abroad will be "scared to come home". more..
Monday 25th January Employment Relations Authority A dairy manager has been awarded $25,000 after a finding that his employer was paying him as little as $10 an hour, and had forced him to reimburse the PAYE payments. more..
Friday 22nd January Public Holiday Taken Use this method for an employee who did not work on the public holiday, but would have worked had the day not been a public holiday. more..
Thursday 21st January Employment Relations Authority A flight attendant sacked after being accused of eating a pie meant for passengers and berating a customer has lost a bid to get her job back at Air New Zealand. more..
Wednesday 20th January KiwiSaver ESCT What is ESCT? This tutorial talks about the tax on KiwiSaver employer contributions and answers some common questions about it. more..
Tuesday 19th January Casual Employee Setup The casual employee features in Ace Payroll are designed so you can keep a permanent record of these employees, without having them clutter your regular payroll. more..
Monday 18th January Import Specifications The import utility reads data from a file called IMPORT.TXT located in the same folder as the other associated payroll data files unless a path is specified. more..
Friday 15th January Employment Relations Authority Early childhood support worker Kathy Power has been hit, bitten, and had things thrown at her in her job helping vulnerable children. more..
Thursday 14th January KiwiSaver Contribution Holidays This tutorial covers KiwiSaver contribution holidays including when they can be taken, what the process is and how this is handled in Ace Payroll. more..