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Ace Payroll News

Tuesday 6th December Deleting Transaction Ace Payroll includes a feature that allows you to delete, and then if necessary undelete, any filed transactions. more..
Monday 5th December Employment Relations Authority Rotorua kebab shop fined $73,000 for not paying hard-working employee the minimum wage more..
Friday 2nd December Public Holiday Calendar From anywhere in Ace Payroll, hit the F7 key on the keyboard. This brings up the Calendar. more..
Thursday 1st December Internet Banking Ace Payroll interfaces with all New Zealand banking systems. Follow this guide in how to set up Interent Banking more..
Wednesday 30th November Employment Relations Authority Coffee shop fined $6000 after receiving money to help employee with her visa. more..
Tuesday 29th November Running On A Mac Computer Moving Ace Payroll to an Apple Mac is not difficult. It is even easier if you follow these steps. more..
Monday 28th November Ace Payroll Pricing No matter how many staff you employ, Ace Payroll costs $319 plus GST. more..
Friday 25th November Employment Relations Authority Christchurch man was awarded $8000 compensation after the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) found he was unfairly dismissed, and had his pay withheld unfairly. more..
Thursday 24th November 0800 Support Line Update MYOB Ace Payroll are making some improvements to our phone lines over the next couple of days. If the 0800 number is unavailable for any reason then please call the international number directly 04 5869600 and this should go straight to one of our Helpdesk Support Team. more..
Wednesday 23rd November Bonus Payments Extra Emoluments are lump sum payments made to an employee and include bonuses, commissions, backpay, retiring or redundancy payments. more..
Tuesday 22nd November Cashing up Holiday Pay It is legal for an employee to cash up to one weeks annual leave each year and take the money rather than a holiday. more..
Monday 21st November Allowance Rules - Taxable Or Non Taxable? Unsure whether an Allowance is taxable or not? This useful guide from Inland Revenue may assist. more..
Friday 18th November Payroll News The Government has announced a package of support for small businesses in Kaikoura that will be badly affected for months to come. more..
Thursday 17th November Multiple Pay Rates There are times you need to pay an employee two different rates for the same period, such as when the minimum wage changes or someone does two jobs. This tutorial shows how to set up a new pay rate to handle this in Ace Payroll. more..
Wednesday 16th November KiwiSaver Reversals I made KiwiSaver contributions for an individual which I now need to reverse because they have opted out. How can I do this in Ace Payroll? more..
Tuesday 15th November Changing From Casual I have a casual employee who has recently become a permanent employee. How do I change their holiday pay from 8% each pay? more..
Monday 14th November Payments To Non-Standard Accounts Most employees have standard bank account numbers which are entered directly into the payroll. Some however may want their pay direct credited to a PSIS account or Credit Card. more..
Friday 11th November Using The F1 Help Manual The F1 Help Manual contains hundreds of pages of written documentation, all carefully grouped, linked and indexed. more..
Thursday 10th November F2 Employee Index How to search for an employee on the Ace Payroll employee index. more..
Wednesday 9th November One Off Payments The One Off Payment routine is used for paying amounts that fall outside of the regular pay run. You can produce a payslip, create a direct credit and save the one off payment without waiting until your normal payroll day. more..
Tuesday 8th November Recording Hours Worked Is there a way I can record the hours my staff work each day, and report this on their payslip? more..
Monday 7th November Payroll News. Novopay botch-up, investigation after personal pay details sent to wrong schools. more..
Friday 4th November Bereavement Leave. There is no bereavement leave entitlement within the first 6 months of employment. more..
Thursday 3rd November Employment Relations Authority. Whangarei woman awarded $4,000 for unfair dismissal more..