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Ace Payroll News

Thursday 25th May Emailed Payslips - Overview Payslips can be emailed to employees from all versions of Ace Payroll more..
Wednesday 24th May Public Holiday Taken Use this method for an employee who did not work on the public holiday, but would have worked had the day not been a public holiday. more..
Tuesday 23rd May Multiple Pay Rates There are times you need to pay an employee two different rates for the same period, such as when the minimum wage changes or someone does two jobs. This tutorial shows how to set up a new pay rate to handle this in Ace Payroll. more..
Monday 22nd May Ace Payroll Pricing No matter how many staff you employ, Ace Payroll costs $319 plus GST. more..
Friday 19th May IRD number On Payslips How to show IRD numbers on payslips more..
Thursday 18th May Total Remuneration Setup Total Remuneration is when an agreed salary package includes the value of the KiwiSaver Employer contribution and any associated taxes. more..
Wednesday 17th May Ace Payroll On Apple Mac Moving Ace Payroll to an Apple Mac is not difficult. It is even easier if you follow these steps more..
Tuesday 16th May Voluntary Student Loan Repayments Follow this tutorial on how to setup Student Loan repayments if your employee is wanting to pay it off quicker. more..
Monday 15th May Payments To Non-Standard Accounts Most employees have standard bank account numbers which are entered directly into the payroll. Some however may want their pay direct credited to a PSIS account or Credit Card. more..
Friday 12th May Court Fine Deductions The Ministry of Justice writes to an employer telling them to deduct money from an employee and pay it to them. Follow this tutorial to set these up more..
Thursday 11th May IR File Amalgamation You cannot lodge more than one electronic monthly schedule with the IRD each month, so if you run an executive payroll separate from your main payroll you have problems. more..
Wednesday 10th May Resuming Employee Follow this tutorial if you are wanting to resume an employee that previously worked for you. more..
Tuesday 9th May Delete Transaction Use this tutorial if you are wanting to delete payments that have been filed in Ace Payroll. more..
Monday 8th May Internet Backup Internet Backup automatically backs up your data files to the Ace Payroll secure data centre each pay. more..
Friday 5th May Direct Crediting Deductions Employee deductions such as WINZ, Department Of Courts, IRD etc can be linked to a bank account for automatic payment by direct credit each pay. more..
Thursday 4th May Bereavement Leave Bereavement leave is covered by Section 62 to Section 72 of the Holidays Act 2003. more..
Wednesday 3rd May Employment Relations Mechanic fired for putting family first wins employment case more..
Tuesday 2nd May Cashing Up Holiday Pay From 1st April 2011 it is legal for an employee to cash up to one weeks annual leave each year and take the money rather than a holiday. more..
Monday 1st May Annual Closedown This tutorial shows you how to handle an annual compulsory closedown in Ace Payroll. more..
Friday 28th April Backing Up To Memory Stick A memory stick is a device that plugs into a USB port on your computer and allows you to easily back up data. more..
Thursday 27th April IRFile Made Simple Having Problems with IR Filing? This tutorial will give you a step by step guide on how to do this. more..
Wednesday 26th April Anzac Day Yesterday was the Anzac Day public holiday. This tutorial shows you how to pay for Anzac Day in Ace Payroll if an employee did not work. more..
Monday 24th April Using The F1 Help Manual The F1 Help Manual contains hundreds of pages of written documentation. more..
Friday 21st April Backing Up To Memory Stick A memory stick is a device that plugs into a USB port on your computer and allows you to easily back up data. more..