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Ace Payroll News

Thursday 28th July Cashing Up Leave It is legal for an employee to cash up to one weeks annual leave each year and take the money rather than a holiday more..
Wednesday 27th July Inland Revenue A Kiwi businessman has been left bemused by an Inland Revenue demand for a tax bill of 25c. more..
Tuesday 26th July Employment Relations Authority Rubbish truck driver who lost his job after he failed a workplace drug test has been awarded $32,300. more..
Monday 25th July Minimum Wage From 1st April 2016 the adult rate is $15.25 an hour, and applies to all workers 18 years and over more..
Friday 22nd July Bereavement Leave This tutorial explains the rules on bereavement leave and how it works. more..
Thursday 21st July Paying Contractors There are generally five things to do when setting up a contractor. This tutorial explains the process. more..
Wednesday 20th July Payment Reconciliation Report I have deductions set up for many of my staff. Some of these deductions are linked to a bank account, but some (such as "Repayment of Advance") are not. How can I see which deductions have been direct credited? more..
Tuesday 19th July Resume Employee Wizard This tutorial shows you how the easily resume a previous employee and, if they are returning as a casual, easily include the holiday pay with their pay each period. more..
Monday 18th July Adding Deductions Ace Payroll handles an almost unlimited number of allowances and deductions more..
Friday 15th July Downloading Upgrade You are able to download versions of Ace Payroll as they are released if you are on a support plan, or you have paid for the latest major version release. more..
Thursday 14th July Accessing Employee Details What are the different ways to access employee details from anywhere in Ace Payroll? more..
Wednesday 13th July IR File Made Simple This tutorial shows you how to import your monthly returns into IRD. more..
Tuesday 12th July Download our trial version Looking for new payroll software? Download our latest demo for free and see how Ace Payroll can make wages the efficient, error free and easy task they should be. more..
Monday 11th July IRD Payroll News Inland Revenue Department Business Tax Update Issue 74 July 2016. more..
Friday 8th July Payroll Giving Payroll Giving is a mechanism that allows staff to make charitable donations on a regular basis, and receive an immediate one third tax credit for the donation made. It is voluntary from both the employer and employee perspectives. more..
Thursday 7th July PAYE Returns I have received a letter from the IRD telling me to pay my PAYE twice a month from now on. How do I do this in Ace Payroll? more..
Wednesday 6th July Direct Credits I have created my direct credits, filed the pay, but I have now discovered an error. Is there any way I can create the schedule again? more..
Tuesday 5th July Ace Payroll Testimonials Looking for new payroll software? Our testimonials page contains comments made by our clients every day. If you're struggling with your payroll, see what Ace Payroll customers are saying. more..
Monday 4th July Opting Out Of KiwiSaver Some of the new staff I hire are wanting to opt out of KiwiSaver. How do I go about doing this in Ace Payroll? more..
Friday 1st July 90 Day Trial Periods This tutorial covers the 90 Trial Period legislation and offers useful advice about the offering of trial periods as part of an employment contract. more..
Thursday 30th June Overwriting PAYE deductions This FAQ explains how to overwrite the PAYE in Ace Payroll. more..
Wednesday 29th June Backing Up Data How can I back up my Ace Payroll data to a memory stick or flash drive? more..
Tuesday 28th June Annual Closedown In this tutorial we look at annual compulsory closedowns. That is, where a business traditionally closes down for a number of weeks each year, usually over Christmas. more..
Monday 27th June Employment Relations Authority KiwiRail is being accused of breaching a collective agreement with the Rail and Maritime Union. more..