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Ace Payroll News

Monday 30th May WINZ Dedutions Sometimes, WINZ writes to an employer telling them to deduct money from an employee and pay it to them, sometimes weekly and sometimes on a monthly basis. more..
Friday 27th May Link To Ace Payroll Wanting to promote Ace Payroll to your clients or potential clients? This page contains several versions of the Ace Payroll logo if you are wanting to use it either for a newsletter or an internet link. more..
Thursday 26th May Ace Payroll For Apple Mac Using Ace Payroll on an Apple Mac? This tutorial shows you the best way to handle direct credits and your monthly return for IRD. more..
Wednesday 25th May Increasing Student Loan Repayments My employee wants to pay back more than the minimum student loan so has asked me to increase the amount I deduct each week. How is this done in Ace Payroll? more..
Tuesday 24th May Government Payroll Projects A troubled overhaul of a payroll and HR system for police has a "burn rate" of $2 million for each month it is delayed, documents reveal. more..
Monday 23rd May KiwiSaver Contribution Holidays This tutorial covers KiwiSaver contribution holidays including when they can be taken, what the process is and how this is handled in Ace Payroll. more..
Friday 20th May Networking Ace Payroll The standard version of Ace Payroll can be networked - there is no additional software needed, nor additional licenses to buy. more..
Thursday 19th May Tax Bills & Refunds My employee received a tax bill for the last financial year. I know I have them on the right tax code and am sure Ace Payroll is right. Is it possible to do everything right each pay, but still have a tax bill or tax refund at the end of the year? more..
Wednesday 18th May Ace Payroll Passwords This tutorial documents the password feature in Ace Payroll and answers some frequently asked questions about this feature. more..
Tuesday 17th May Resume Employee Wizard This tutorial shows you how the easily resume a previous employee and, if they are returning as a casual, easily include the holiday pay with their pay each period. more..
Monday 16th May Payroll Giving Payroll Giving is a mechanism that allows staff to make charitable donations on a regular basis, and receive an immediate one third tax credit for the donation made. It is voluntary from both the employer and employee perspectives. more..
Friday 13th May Import Specifications The import utility reads data from a file called IMPORT.TXT located in the same folder as the other associated payroll data files unless a path is specified. more..
Thursday 12th May Jury Service We are sometimes asked if an employer has to pay for an employee that is doing Jury Service. They do not - this article explains the details. more..
Wednesday 11th May Setting Up For IR-File Tired of sending in your PAYE return manually? This document shows you how to set up for the IRD's IR-File system in both Ace Payroll and at the IRD website. more..
Tuesday 10th May Printing Reports To PDF If you have a PDF Driver on your computer, you can print any report from Ace Payroll (and all other programs) to a PDF File. more..
Monday 9th May Bereavement Leave Employee's are entitled to Bereavement Leave after 6 months service. more..
Friday 6th May Court Fine Deductions How to set up a deduction for repayments to the Ministry of Justice. more..
Thursday 5th May Alphabetical Site Index The Ace Payroll Site Index is an alphabetical listing of items on our website - it makes searching for the items you wish to learn about quick and easy. more..
Wednesday 4th May Internet Backup Internet Backup automatically backs up your data files to the Ace Payroll secure data centre each pay. more..
Tuesday 3rd May Employment Relations Authority A Manawatu boarding school has been told it should be paying its staff, no matter if they are asleep or awake. more..
Monday 2nd May Employment Relations Authority Two farm workers who did long hours and were underpaid at a farm in Leeston near Christchurch have been awarded $21,907.42. more..
Friday 29th April IRD Business Tax Update Inland Revenue Department Business Tax Update Issue 72 April 2016. more..
Thursday 28th April Recording Hours Worked Is there a way I can record the hours my staff work each day, and report this on their payslip? more..
Wednesday 27th April KiwiSaver ESCT What is ESCT? This tutorial talks about the tax on KiwiSaver employer contributions and answers some common questions about it. more..