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Ace Payroll News

Friday 29th August 90 Day Trial Periods This tutorial covers the 90 Trial Period legislation and offers useful advice about the offering of trial periods as part of an employment contract. more..
Thursday 28th August Delete Incorrect Payment I have accidentally filed a pay for an employee and it is showing on my reports. How do I delete it? more..
Wednesday 27th August Reducing Balance Deductions A reducing balance deduction automatically ceases once a set amount has been deducted. They are especially useful when a third party asks an employer to deduct a certain amount from employee wages over a period of time. more..
Tuesday 26th August Creating PDF's For Reports This tutorial shows you how to set up your computer to be able to print any document to a PDF file, allowing it to be emailed if desired. more..
Monday 25th August Special Tax Codes The IRD have sent me a Special Tax Code form asking me to deduct tax at a certain percentage. How do I handle this in Ace Payroll? more..
Friday 22nd August Data Security Written initially for prospective clients, this explanation of the different routines in Ace Payroll designed to provide data security should be of interest to current users who wish to be prepared should disaster ever strike! more..
Thursday 21st August Guide To Paying Contractors Do you have contractors you need to pay alongside employees in Ace Payroll? This tutorial guides you through the steps to set someone up as a contractor. more..
Wednesday 20th August Switching Computers Need to move Ace Payroll to a new computer? This tutorial shows you the procedure for easily moving Ace Payroll and your data to your new computer. more..
Tuesday 19th August Ace Payroll Help System Not getting enough help with your current payroll system? This page demonstrates how Ace Payroll provides help on every screen as well as a comprehensive F1 Help Manual. We also link to the latest version of our Getting Started guide. more..
Monday 18th August Accessing Employee Details What are the different ways to access employee details from anywhere in Ace Payroll? more..
Friday 15th August Earnings Certificates Earnings Certificates provide your employees with a record of their earnings, tax payments and deductions for the financial year selected. more..
Thursday 14th August Alphabetical Site Index The Ace Payroll Site Index is an alphabetical listing of items on our website - it makes searching for the items you wish to learn about quick and easy. more..
Wednesday 13th August Balances On Payslips Is there a way I can show leave and other balances on the emailed and printed payslips for my staff? more..
Tuesday 12th August Paid Parental Leave The IR881 form is used for Paid Parental Leave, when the primary caregiver wishes to transfer part of the entitlement to their spouse or partner. This PDF opens in a new browser window. more..
Monday 11th August Extra Emoluments Paying a bonus, commission, back pay, redundancy or retiring payment? This document shows you how to do this easily in Ace Payroll. more..
Friday 8th August Pay Frequencies Is it possible to handle multiple frequencies in Ace Payroll, for example some people being paid weekly and others being paid fortnightly? more..
Thursday 7th August Cashing Up Holiday Pay I have an employee that wants to cash up some of their holiday pay. Is this legal and how can I do it in Ace Payroll? more..
Wednesday 6th August Employment Relations Authority A Northland man who began a relationship with his boss's daughter and inappropriately texted her friend has been found to have been unjustifiably fired. more..
Tuesday 5th August IRD Business Tax Update Inland Revenue Department Business Tax Update Issue 54 August 2014. more..
Monday 4th August Break Entitlements We are sometimes asked what the entitlement is to paid and unpaid breaks whilst at work. This document from the Employment Relations Service answers the question. more..
Friday 1st August Casual Vs Part Time Employee Ace Payroll is sometimes asked what the difference is between a casual and a part time employee. more..
Thursday 31st July Ace Payroll Testimonials Looking for new payroll software? Our testimonials page contains comments made by our clients every day. If you're struggling with your payroll, see what Ace Payroll customers are saying. more..
Wednesday 30th July IRD Returns The IRD have asked me to include all of my staff on the monthly schedule, even the ones who are not being paid this month. Is this possible in Ace Payroll? more..
Tuesday 29th July Ace Payroll For Apple Mac Using Ace Payroll on an Apple Mac? This tutorial shows you the best way to handle direct credits and your monthly return for IRD. more..