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Ace Payroll News

Friday 31st July WINZ Deductions WINZ have asked me to deduct an amount for my employee to repay WINZ each pay, and send it to them. How do I do this in Ace Payroll? more..
Thursday 30th July Multiple Pay Rates There are times you need to pay an employee two different rates for the same period, such as when the minimum wage changes or someone does two jobs. This tutorial shows how to set up a new pay rate to handle this in Ace Payroll. more..
Wednesday 29th July Accessing Employee Details What are the different ways to access employee details from anywhere in Ace Payroll? more..
Tuesday 28th July Inland Revenue Department IRD staffers who take even one day off when they're ill are being summoned to meetings to explain themselves. more..
Monday 27th July Creating PDF's For Reports This tutorial shows you how to set up your computer to be able to print any document to a PDF file, allowing it to be emailed if desired. more..
Friday 24th July Jury Service We are sometimes asked if an employer has to pay for an employee that is doing Jury Service. They do not - this article explains the details. more..
Thursday 23rd July Alphabetical Site Index The Ace Payroll Site Index is an alphabetical listing of items on our website - it makes searching for the items you wish to learn about quick and easy. more..
Wednesday 22nd July Ace Payroll Help System Not getting enough help with your current payroll system? This page demonstrates how Ace Payroll provides help on every screen as well as a comprehensive F1 Help Manual. We also link to the latest version of our Getting Started guide. more..
Tuesday 21st July Ace Payroll On A Mac I am thinking of buying a Mac computer and want to use Ace Payroll on my Mac. Is this possible and, if so, how do I go about it? more..
Monday 20th July IRD Business Tax Update Inland Revenue Department Business Tax Update Issue 64 July 2015. more..
Friday 17th July Pay Frequencies I am thinking of swapping my company from paying wages on a weekly basis to paying on a fortnightly basis. How would I make this change in Ace Payroll? more..
Thursday 16th July Ace Payroll On Linux We are thinking of installing Ace Payroll on a Linux desktop, or hosting it on our Linux server. Is this possible? more..
Wednesday 15th July Inland Revenue Inland Revenue Department Business Tax Update Issue 63 June 2015. more..
Tuesday 14th July Recording Annual Leave This document shows you how to itemise the actual dates taken off by employees when they take leave. This then allows reports to be run which show what days have been taken. more..
Monday 13th July Resume Employee Wizard This tutorial shows you how the easily resume a previous employee and, if they are returning as a casual, easily include the holiday pay with their pay each period. more..
Friday 10th July Reducing Balance Deductions A reducing balance deduction automatically ceases once a set amount has been deducted. They are especially useful when a third party asks an employer to deduct a certain amount from employee wages over a period of time. more..
Thursday 9th July Payroll Giving Payroll Giving is a mechanism that allows staff to make charitable donations on a regular basis, and receive an immediate one third tax credit for the donation made. It is voluntary from both the employer and employee perspectives. more..
Wednesday 8th July KiwiSaver KS3 Guide The KiwiSaver KS3 Introduction To KiwiSaver PDF is designed to be given to new employees. This PDF document opens in a new window and can be printed. more..
Tuesday 7th July Paid Parental Leave The IR880 form is used when an employee is applying for Paid Parental Leave. The form can be downloaded here. more..
Monday 6th July Free Internet Backup Want to automatically have your data backed up offsite every pay period? Our internet backup routine takes care of your data security, making sure an offsite backup is always available. more..
Friday 3rd July Provincial Anniversary Date How can I set the Provincial Anniversary Date on a company wide basis so that Ace Payroll knows this is a public holiday for my staff? more..
Thursday 2nd July Payslip Options What are the different types of payslips available for the Ace Payroll system? Am I able to email payslips? more..
Wednesday 1st July Windows 8 We are thinking of upgrading our computers to Windows 8. Is Ace Payroll compatible with Windows 8 and, while I know it isn't really your place to say, is Windows 8 any good? more..
Tuesday 30th June Casual Employee Setup The casual employee features in Ace Payroll are designed so you can keep a permanent record of these employees, without having them clutter your regular payroll. more..