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Ace Payroll News

Friday 24th October Labour Day Public Holiday Monday is Labour Day 2014. This tutorial shows you how to pay for the Labour Day public holiday in Ace Payroll. more..
Thursday 23rd October Ace Payroll For Apple Mac Using Ace Payroll on an Apple Mac? This tutorial shows you the best way to handle direct credits and your monthly return for IRD. more..
Wednesday 22nd October Guide To Paying Contractors Do you have contractors you need to pay alongside employees in Ace Payroll? This tutorial guides you through the steps to set someone up as a contractor. more..
Tuesday 21st October Payslip Options How can I show the employee IRD number on the payslips each week? more..
Monday 20th October IR330 Tax Declaration Form Staff wanting to change tax codes? This PDF copy of the IR330 tax code declaration form they will need to fill in opens in a new browser window. more..
Friday 17th October Inland Revenue Department An Auckland restaurateur has been jailed for three years for a $1 million tax evasion revealed in his diaries. more..
Thursday 16th October Ace Payroll Testimonials Looking for new payroll software? Our testimonials page contains comments made by our clients every day. If you're struggling with your payroll, see what Ace Payroll customers are saying. more..
Wednesday 15th October ESCT Changes I am doing my monthly return for IRD and the ESCT figure does not show on my IR348 return. What is wrong? more..
Tuesday 14th October Link To Ace Payroll Wanting to promote Ace Payroll to your clients or potential clients? This page contains several versions of the Ace Payroll logo if you are wanting to use it either for a newsletter or an internet link. more..
Monday 13th October Cashing Up Holiday Pay I have an employee that wants to cash up some of their holiday pay. Is this legal and how can I do it in Ace Payroll? more..
Friday 10th October Direct Crediting Deductions Employee deductions such as WINZ, Department Of Courts, IRD etc can be linked to a bank account for automatic payment by direct credit each pay. more..
Thursday 9th October Casual Employee Setup The casual employee features in Ace Payroll are designed so you can keep a permanent record of these employees, without having them clutter your regular payroll. more..
Wednesday 8th October Average Daily Pay This tutorial shows the Average Daily Pay calculation option introduced by the Holidays Amendment Act 2010 and how this is handled in Ace Payroll. more..
Tuesday 7th October KiwiSaver ESCT What is ESCT? This tutorial talks about the tax on KiwiSaver employer contributions and answers some questions we are getting about it. more..
Monday 6th October F2 Employee Index How to search for an employee on the Ace Payroll employee index. more..
Friday 3rd October Windows 8 We are thinking of upgrading our computers to Windows 8. Is Ace Payroll compatible with Windows 8 and, while I know it isn't really your place to say, is Windows 8 any good? more..
Thursday 2nd October One Off Payments The One Off Payment routine is used for paying amounts that fall outside of the regular pay run. You can produce a payslip, create a direct credit and save the one off payment without waiting until your normal payroll day. more..
Wednesday 1st October Child Support A child support variation code is used if you regularly deduct child support from an employee's wages, but the amount deducted in a certain pay period is different from the usual deduction. more..
Tuesday 30th September IRD Electronic Filing Moving onto IR-File or considering it? This document shows you how to create the file in Ace Payroll and how to navigate the IRD website to import the file. more..
Monday 29th September KiwiSaver KS10 Opt Out Form The KiwiSaver KS10 New Employee opt out form is designed to be given to new employees. This PDF document opens in a new window and can be printed. more..
Friday 26th September KiwiSaver Contribution Holidays This tutorial covers KiwiSaver contribution holidays including when they can be taken, what the process is and how this is handled in Ace Payroll. more..
Thursday 25th September Internet Banking Setup How do I set up Ace Payroll to create a file to import into my internet banking each pay run? more..
Wednesday 24th September Employment Relations Authority Mitre 10 Mega has been ordered to pay thousands of dollars for unjustifiably firing a former Palmerston North employee accused of using the store's outdoor garden area as a ''pick up joint''. more..
Tuesday 23rd September Free Internet Backup Want to automatically have your data backed up offsite every pay period? Our internet backup routine takes care of your data security, making sure an offsite backup is always available. more..