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Ace Payroll News

Monday 23rd May WINZ Deductions WINZ have asked me to deduct an amount for my employee to repay WINZ each pay, and send it to them. How do I do this in Ace Payroll? more..
Friday 20th May Overwriting PAYE and Student Loans This FAQ explains how to overwrite a PAYE or student loan deduction in Ace Payroll. more..
Our March 2015 Upgrade is now shipping. View the PDF Newsletter online (1.95MB) or browse to Changes on 1st April 2015.
Ace Payroll Newsletter
Thursday 19th May Setting Up For IR-File Tired of sending in your PAYE return manually? This document shows you how to set up for the IRD's IR-File system in both Ace Payroll and at the IRD website. more..
Wednesday 18th May KiwiSaver News About 900 people enrolled in KiwiSaver have had their accounts accidentally frozen - and many may not have realised it. more..
Tuesday 17th May Download our trial version Looking for new payroll software? Download our latest demo for free and see how Ace Payroll can make wages the efficient, error free and easy task they should be. more..
Monday 16th May Special Tax Codes The IRD have sent me a Special Tax Code form asking me to deduct tax at a certain percentage. How do I handle this in Ace Payroll? more..
Friday 13th May KiwiSaver Contributions Holiday Employee wanting to take a Kiwisaver contributions holiday? This PDF version of the KS6 form they need to fill in opens in a new browser window. more..
Thursday 12th May Upcoming KiwiSaver Changes More details of changes to KiwiSaver will be announced in next week's budget. more..
Wednesday 11th May Introduction To Kiwisaver Guide The KiwiSaver KS3 Introduction To KiwiSaver PDF is designed to be given to new employees. This PDF document opens in a new window and can be printed. more..
Tuesday 10th May Cashing Up Holiday Pay I have an employee that wants to cash up some of their holiday pay. Is this legal and how can I do it in Ace Payroll? more..
Monday 9th May Inland Revenue Department Inland Revenue Department Business Tax Update Issue 19 May 2011. more..
Friday 6th May Possible KiwiSaver changes? Prime Minister John Key and Finance Minister Bill English have confirmed they are planning changes to the KiwiSaver scheme. But they would not discuss details ahead of the May 19 Budget. more..
Thursday 5th May Paying Wages To Credit Card One of my staff wants to have their wages paid straight to their credit card. How do I set this up in Ace Payroll? more..
Wednesday 4th May Ace Payroll On An Apple Mac I am thinking of buying a Mac computer and want to use Ace Payroll on my Mac. Is this possible and, if so, how do I go about it? more..
Tuesday 3rd May KiwiSaver Overview Want to learn more about KiwiSaver? Our KiwiSaver Overview page links to all of the info we have on KiwiSaver, including entitlements, opt in and opt out rules and KiwiSaver reversals. more..
Monday 2nd May Ace Payroll Help System Not getting enough help with your current payroll system? This page demonstrates how Ace Payroll provides help on every screen as well as a comprehensive F1 Help Manual. We also link to the latest version of our Getting Started guide. more..
Friday 29th April Time Banking Is there a place in Ace Payroll where I can record hours in lieu that have nothing to do with a public holiday? For example, if an employee works three hours on a Saturday and I wish to hold these in lieu? more..
Thursday 28th April Opting Out Of KiwiSaver Some of the new staff I hire are wanting to opt out of KiwiSaver. How do I go about doing this in Ace Payroll? more..
Wednesday 27th April Internet Banking Integration Want to set up Ace Payroll to import into your banking website, saving you data entry time and reducing risk? We are compatible with all banks - this tutorial shows you how to set it up. more..
Tuesday 26th April Inland Revenue Department IRD Business Tax Update Issue 18 April 2011. more..
Monday 25th April Anzac Day, Easter Monday Today is both Anzac Day and Easter Monday, but there is only one public holiday for payroll purposes. This document shows how to record the public holiday in Ace Payroll. more..
Friday 22nd April Easter Public Holidays How do I handle paying for the upcoming Easter 2011 public holidays in Ace Payroll? more..
Thursday 21st April Christchurch Earthquake and KiwiSaver Quake-hit Cantabrians will be able to draw down on their KiwiSaver accounts early, the Government has announced. more..