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Ace Payroll News

Monday 30th March KiwiSaver ESCT What is ESCT? This tutorial talks about the tax on KiwiSaver employer contributions and answers some questions we are getting about it. more..
Friday 27th March Delete Incorrect Payment I have accidentally filed a pay for an employee and it is showing on my reports. How do I delete it? more..
Our March 2015 Upgrade is now shipping. View the PDF Newsletter online (1.95MB) or browse to Changes on 1st April 2015.
Ace Payroll Newsletter
Thursday 26th March Employment Law Employers who exploit their workers or breach employment standards are in line for a raft of harsher penalties. more..
Wednesday 25th March Opting Out Of KiwiSaver Some of the new staff I hire are wanting to opt out of KiwiSaver. How do I go about doing this in Ace Payroll? more..
Tuesday 24th March Data Security Written initially for prospective clients, this explanation of the different routines in Ace Payroll designed to provide data security should be of interest to current users who wish to be prepared should disaster ever strike! more..
Monday 23rd March Minimum Wage Increase From 1st April 2015 the adult rate is $14.75 an hour, and applies to all workers 18 years and over. The new entrants minimum hourly rate increases to $11.80, or 80 per cent of the adult minimum wage. more..
Friday 20th March Paying Bonuses This tutorial shows the process for paying bonuses in Ace Payroll. more..
Thursday 19th March Cashing Up Holiday Pay I have an employee that wants to cash up some of their holiday pay. Is this legal and how can I do it in Ace Payroll? more..
Wednesday 18th March Payslip Options How can I show the employee IRD number on the payslips each week? more..
Tuesday 17th March Paying Wages To Credit Card One of my staff wants to have their wages paid straight to their credit card. How do I set this up in Ace Payroll? more..
Monday 16th March Setting Up For IR-File Tired of sending in your PAYE return manually? This document shows you how to set up for the IRD's IR-File system in both Ace Payroll and at the IRD website. more..
Friday 13th March Download our trial version Looking for new payroll software? Download our latest demo for free and see how Ace Payroll can make wages the efficient, error free and easy task they should be. more..
Thursday 12th March Windows 8 We are thinking of upgrading our computers to Windows 8. Is Ace Payroll compatible with Windows 8 and, while I know it isn't really your place to say, is Windows 8 any good? more..
Wednesday 11th March WINZ Deductions WINZ have asked me to deduct an amount for my employee to repay WINZ each pay, and send it to them. How do I do this in Ace Payroll? more..
Tuesday 10th March Inland Revenue Department Inland Revenue Department Business Tax Update Issue 60 March 2015. more..
Monday 9th March Payslip Options What are the different types of payslips available for the Ace Payroll system? Am I able to email payslips? more..
Friday 6th March Earnings Certificates Earnings Certificates provide your employees with a record of their earnings, tax payments and deductions for the financial year selected. more..
Thursday 5th March Switching Computers Need to move Ace Payroll to a new computer? This tutorial shows you the procedure for easily moving Ace Payroll and your data to your new computer. more..
Wednesday 4th March Inland Revenue Department IT changes to implement child support reforms will cost $163 million, a cost blowout from the originally estimated $30m. more..
Tuesday 3rd March Time Banking Is there a place in Ace Payroll where I can record hours in lieu that have nothing to do with a public holiday? For example, if an employee works three hours on a Saturday and I wish to hold these in lieu? more..
Monday 2nd March KiwiSaver Reversals I made KiwiSaver contributions for an individual which I now need to reverse because they have opted out. How can I do this in Ace Payroll? more..
Friday 27th February Internet Banking Setup How do I set up Ace Payroll to create a file to import into my internet banking each pay run? more..
Thursday 26th February Guide To Paying Contractors Do you have contractors you need to pay alongside employees in Ace Payroll? This tutorial guides you through the steps to set someone up as a contractor. more..